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Stiles and Derek investigate their latest supernatural problem at the school together.

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All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected 

I just laughed so much I started a coughing fit and people are staring!


Jared Padalecki (and family) appreciation post..

and before you say some of them aren’t related ‘family is more then blood’

My Thoughts on Malia...




Here’s the deal, do I like Malia’s character at the moment? No not really. I don’t particularly like how they are portraying her right now. If they would’ve have brought her in as a character to develop more on with Peter or Derek and slowly coming back into the world, I think…

It’s not so much that  I hate her character, I don’t TRUST her character (and I don’t trust Jeff Davis when it comes to writing female characters) They are putting a lot of trust and faith into a person they just met, who is supposed to PETER’S DAUGHTER. That should be red flag right there.

Oh I don’t trust her character either. Not at all. You hit a lot of things that have been bugging me or don’t add up with her character. I to be clear, I don’t hate her character either, mainly because in 3b she had no character. I want her to get all the character development possible before I actually decide if I like her or not and hopefully Jeff Davis will delve further into her story. Any character development is, as Stiles would say “Progress.”

If it turns out you’re right an this was all a ploy of Peter’s then imma scream at my tv (because damn if he could manage to pull that off!) and I’ll remember you said it first. lol

OMG I know I would be yelling at my TV too and I don’t know if you mean Jeff Davis pulling that off or Peter lol . Peter’s character is that manipulative, I would not be surprised, but if Davis can write it into the show and make it believable then I’ll be surprised ;) I think I need to calm down though, lol, it’s only episode one and it’s got me so riled up. I mean I liked they were all working together as a pack, but I felt Stile’s was OOC, I didn’t like the way Malia treated Lydia, and then having that pedo bitch de age Derek and then take his memories away! I can’t even with that. I don’t even know how to handle that.

And I keep reading that they think Kate is Malia’s mom…if that’s true then dear god I don’t even know, but it would definitely cement my idea that Malia’s actions aren’t all that innocent.